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song 88 doesn’t have a title. i wrote it when i was 16 and it is especially sentimental to me. it’s about/for my friend but i never showed them and its simple but it means a lot to me

do you still have your canopy?
do you use it to catch your dreams?
are they lovely?
you are so lovely.

you helped your mother dye her hair
and you told your father you dont care
if he quits smoking or not.

when did you get thin enough to slide into my room at night
and whisper in my ear that in the morning i will feel alright

you can’t drive but i dont mind
i’ll drive you home when we get stoned 
i’ll walk you to your room and kiss you good night.

420 love songs is a sweet project that a good friend of mine is putting together. The tracks keep coming and they don’t disappoint. There is some really great stuff on here so I encourage you to check out the whole thing. 

This song is lovely.

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